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bottle house museum
Celebrating 40 years





Memorial Day through Christmas

14551 Wuoksi Avenue, Kaleva, MI

Built in the 1940's, by John Makinen out of 60,000 bottles from the local bottling factory, today it houses the Kaleva Historical Museum. The hours to visit are Saturdays and Sundays, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend from 12:00-4:00.

To schedule a group tour contact Cindy Asiala @ 231-299-4484 or Sandra Asiala @ 231-362-3249

Be sure to see this unique house which is on the National Historic Register!

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Visit our historical locations and sites, and check out info about our projects. 

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The Kaleva Art Gallery is a cooperative gallery that supports many local crafters and artists. Click for more, including hours. 


This pleasant walk, established in 1998, takes you by gardens and unique sculptures in Kaleva. Click to read more.


Click for Kaleva Historical Society News and find out what's happening around us, and view past articles and information.


From dedications to activities, the Kaleva Historical Society holds and participates in many events. Click for more.

Kaleva - A Finnish Community in the heart of Manistee County.  

In 1969 the Kaleva Historical Society (KHS) was formed by members of the community that wanted to preserve the heritage and history of family, church, and community.


Around 1900 when the first Finnish families moved to Kaleva they arrived to pine stumps and blow sand. Many that could afford to cut their losses and return to their homes did, but those who could not leave made the best of the what they had. By treasuring family, church and community and with a bit of SISU (Finnish for strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity) the founding families of Kaleva worked hard to persevere and erect a town from nothing.  


From that proud heritage came the group of people who formed the Kaleva Historical Society. We hope you enjoy learning about our town, our history and our commitment to preserving the history of Kaleva, Michigan.

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We always welcome new members at the Kaleva Historical Society. 

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We also accept donations to help continue our projects and raise funds to maintain our sites throughout Kaleva, Michigan.

Did you know?

Sauna forms a great part of Finland's heritage and culture. It is estimated that there are over 2 million saunas, which averages one per household. 

While we don't have that many in Michigan - we do have the highest population of Finnish Americans. 

Read about our Sauna Project here.

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