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The Log Cabin Theater is located at Walta & Panu Streets.

Kaleva Centennial Walkway

Glass Mosaic Unveiling

September 26, 2020


The first glass mosaic by Tricia Boucha will be unveiled on Kaleva’s Centennial Walkway on September 26 at 4 pm. This is the first of three reproductions of the Kalevala murals that the artist is gifting to the community.  The murals which are in the back entrance of the Bottle House Museum were painted during the Depression by young people in the NYA under the direction of artist Harry Armstrong. The six murals depicting scenes from the Finnish epic poem, the Kalevala, were dedicated in September 1940 with a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the town. The other two mosaics will be placed on the Walkway in the spring. A grant from the Manistee County Community Foundation helped make this project possible.

Annual Winter Solstice - Kaleva Luminary Tradition

Winter Solstice

December 21, 2020


We as a community celebrate the Finnish tradition of lighting candles for those who have passed by placing luminaries next to each grave in the Maple Grove Township Cemetery in the village of Kaleva on December 21st.  This event is reminiscent of the Finnish tradition of lighting candles on Christmas Eve for fallen friends or family. Following the lighting, people gather by the fire for a prayer and Christmas carols.  Bethany Lutheran Church also offers soup and bread to nourish the workers at 5:30 pm at the church. To learn more about this event, click here.

Awesome Distraction

Log Cabin Concert

August 7, 2020


Join us for our first Log Cabin Concert with Awesome Distraction! Self-Described as Americana music, this trio native to Manistee focuses on involving others in the musical experience.  Learn more about this Manistee trio on their Facebook page

Ruth & Max Bloomquist

Log Cabin Concert

August 14, 2020


Join us for our second Log Cabin Concert featuring Max and Ruth Bloomquist, and their 40-year history of roots, acoustic, Americana-style folk music.  Learn more about this duo on their website. 

Ingemar & Lisa

Log Cabin Concert

August 21, 2020


Ingemar and Lisa will return for the 2020 Log Cabin Concert Season for our third show. Ingemar and Lisa will fill the stage with their distinctive sScandinavian sound. Don't miss this one of a kind show.

Mary Sue Wilkinson

Log Cabin Concert

August 28, 2020


For our final 2020 Log Cabin Concert, we welcome Mary Sue Wilkinson. Always a favorite, Mary Sue’s vocal ability and repertoire of music make for a very enjoyable time. The talented Mary Sue is the founder of Singing Heart to Heart and Young at Heart Music programs, and also sings with her Americana duo Drive South. To learn more, visit Mary Sue's website.

All Log Cabin Concerts are located at the Log Cabin Theater on Walta & Panu Streets.

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