Kaleva Historical Society

In 1969 the Kaleva Historical Society (KHS) was formed by members of the community that wanted to preserve the heritage and history of family, church, and community.

Around 1900 when the first Finnish families moved to Kaleva they arrived to pine stumps and blow sand. Many that could afford to cut their loses and return to their homes did, but those who could not leave made the best of the what they had. By treasuring family, church and community and with a bit of SISU (Finnish for strength of will, determination, perseverance, and acting rationally in the face of adversity) the founding families of Kaleva worked hard to persevere and erect a town from nothing.  The first Historical Museum was housed in a room of the former Kaleva Jr. High School.

From that proud heritage came the group of people who formed the Kaleva Historical Society.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Kaleva Michigan.

To join the Kaleva Historical Society, please print and fill out our membership form. Send it to:

14551 Wouski Ave.

Box 252

Kaleva MI 49645