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The Kaleva Sauna

In 2018, The KHS built and authentic Finnish Sauna in the backyard of the Bottle House Museum. Oftentimes, the first thing the Finnish immigrants would build was a traditional Finnish sauna. Many lived in these structures while they built more permanent homes. Afterwards the sauna continued to be used for health, bathing, and even birthing. In Finnish culture, the hot-air steam room is used for refreshing both body and spirit.

The Kaleva Sauna was built by local builder Sam Bontrager, using locally harvested logs. Its cost of $10,000 was funded by a $2,500 grant from the Finlandia Foundation and the remainder by donations from Kaleva Historical Society members. In June of 2018, a dedication was held with music by Ingemaar and Lisa and refreshments provided by the KHS.


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